Data Center

The Brookfield Group’s hosting services are provided at our downtown data center in Indianapolis, IN that services our customers across the country. This 5000 square foot facility provides a secure and managed location for your IT environment and services.

Secure and Controlled Facility - Located in downtown Indianapolis, The Brookfield Group’s data center is a secured location. CCTV cameras are monitored 24x7x365. The data center is physically staffed from 8:00am-5:00pm EST Monday through Friday, with on-call technicians to respond to issues around the clock. The Brookfield Group has key-fob access for authorized personnel including formal sign-in procedures.

Redundant Environment - Duplicate systems components exist at strategic points in the architecture to provide failover capability. These include such things as internet connectivity with multiple carriers and hardware redundancy. We utilize a secondary data center to support our primary data center operations and provide our multi-level backup offering.

Monitored Data Center Environment – The data center is monitored 24x7x365 with real-time notification and alerts to The Brookfield Group. We used remote monitoring agents for all in-house and customer dedicated servers subject to the monitoring arrangement. Major alerts will generate SNMP messages that are sent to the technician on-call for follow-up. Tickets for each alert are automatically generated to provide audit trail and control over resolution.

Patch Management – Management of operating system and security patches to maintain current version and support eligibility with external vendors.

Tools and Technology - The network monitoring software used for customers is located at The Brookfield Group’s network operations center (NOC) in Carmel, IN. Our solution includes polling of the networks and generation of IT monitoring data for analysis.

Power Backup – Our facility has the ability to provide continued power through the use of a diesel generator supporting any interruption in services. We conduct weekly testing of the generator.

UPS – The Brookfield Group provides access to an enterprise-wide UPS for all customers in our hosted environment.

Air Conditioned Environment - Temperature controlled environment with monitoring to provide real time alerts for temperature span outside of tolerance range.

Disaster Recovery - The Brookfield Group consults with customers on a case-by-case basis in regards to Disaster Recovery. Our data center can provide the offsite production backup or redundant production system based on your requirements in addition to our secondary data center location. Each customer’s solution will depend upon the specific objectives of the organization related to disaster recovery. Through this upfront analysis we determine the best solution for your unique situation.