The “Bring Your Own Device Trend” and Your Workplace

BYOD-imageBoth large and small businesses in St. Louis are adapting to the “Bring Your Own Device” trend in the workplace. The BYOD trend is growing from just a trend to a requirement in the workplace. Stay informed about this movement in connectivity so your business can stay successful.

Using a BYOD system comes with many benefits to both the company and the employee. Some of these benefits include:

• Employees are able to use devices and applications they are familiar with using.
• Ability to stay in contact with customers and clients from different locations. Employees do not need to physically be in the office to stay in touch with everyone in the company.
• Removing the burden of technology maintenance from the company. This is a major benefit for companies that do not have the size to pay for a tech department.
• Use of cross platform applications rather than the same type of technology. Employers don’t need to spend time and money worrying about their phone systems. Choosing a useful program that works across all technology keeps employees connected to one another and their employers.
• For the employer, BYOD is more cost effective because the purchasing of the device is on the employee. In addition, employees will upgrade their devices to their preferred needs. According to PC world magazine, “With the worker paying for most…costs, companies save a lot of money – as much as $80 per month per user.”

The most obvious advantage of BYOD policies is the unlimited connectivity. As businesses in St. Louis deal with companies on different coasts or across the world, employees can be anywhere to stay in touch. Many meetings or conferences are scheduled at the convenience of the client and could very likely be scheduled at times outside of typical working hours.

BYOD presents one major concern to employers and that is keeping employee work safe. You never want company data to be compromised because of a security breach. Many companies address these issues with an acceptable use policy and a secure communication system. Ideacom Midwest specializes in providing superior technology from the ground up. They specialize in protecting both the employee and employer from any data breach with secure communications systems. Ideacom Midwest is a proud reseller of Shoretel Communications Systems, a system helping both large and small businesses stay connected, running, and moving toward growth.

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