Can Your Business Benefit from Telecommuting?

Telecommuting can boost personal and professional productivity for any organization’s employees, large or small. But, it is very important to invest in technology to make it easy for your employees to work-from-home. It is important to manage your remote team members and have them feel like they are kept in the loop.

Here are five ways your business can benefit from allowing employees to telecommute:

  • ShoreTel phone systemsDisaster Avoidance: By having telecommuting employees at remote locations, you are able to keep the business functioning even if your headquarters loses power or is destroyed in a disaster.
  • Flexibility: Use technology that allows your employees to collaborate in real time from anywhere the team members are such as teleconferencing or web conferencing. Simply having everyone in an office physically isn’t always done easily. By adopting these technological tools, you will find it easier to collaborate.
  • Morale: It makes sense that happier employees are more productive. Even if the telecommuting is a weekly flex day, the reduced travel and stress can boost your employee morale.
  • Save Office Space and Reduce Costs: Companies can save thousands of dollars spent on office space and parking. In addition, future growth would not be hindered due to a lack of office space.
  • Talent Acquisition: Sometimes the best talent is not within driving distance. Telecommuting can help a company choose the best talent for open positions, rather than settling due to proximity.

Telecommuting has experienced significant growth in the recent years and is not going away. With the proper technology, training and strategies in place, you could see some significant cost savings for your small business.

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