Call Center

Call Centers For Phone Systems

In today’s economic condition customer service is a high priority. It costs more money to find a new customer than to keep and existing one. Businesses are always trying to figure out ways to make it easier for their customers to do business with them. Unified Communications systems aid in this process and should be integrated into your business telephone system. Call Centers have now become Contact Centers and focus on various methods of for business to communicate with their customers. Today’s call center solutions will give your customers the choices they need to do just that. Whether they would like to communicate with your business through the telephone, e-mail, or chat across the web, Ideacom Midwest has the solution you are looking for to make that communication effortless.

Call Centers are not just for your customers. They also provide businesses with valuable information. Do you need to have information with which to judge your employees performance, to ensure customers are being treated the way you want them to be treated. We can help you make sure that customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently. We can give you those tools through printed management reports that show how efficiently customers are handled, to full voice recording of the crucial information of a call that can be stored for later retrieval. With the addition of VOIP technology, mobile agents can be incorporated into the call center and have the same functionality and benefits of being in the office.

Do you think of a Calls center as a large formalized department in a large company? That is one example, but there are many small and medium departments that receive revenue generating calls, customer service calls, and tech support calls where there are more calls coming in than you have personnel to take them. When that happens, what typically happens to those calls that are waiting, are they handled the best possible way? Are they forced to voice mail for a callback/ At Ideacom we can help streamline the process.

Call us today at (314) 961-0557 to find out how to maximize the results of your call center big or small. To find out more about our integrated Contact Center products check out Shoretel with their IP PBX and Enterprise Contact Center,Vertical Communications, Vertical Wave IP, and Tadiran's IPX Office and UCX.