Ideacom Midwest


CT Innovations Customers

Ideacom Midwest Inc. is pleased to announce that we are the new telecommunications service provider for the customers of CT Innovations. We know the customers of CT Innovations have enjoyed a high level of service and Ideacom Midwest is committed to offer them even better service than they have had in the past. Ideacom Midwest has hired the best of the technical staff at CT Innovations. By combining the technical staff of CT Innovations with our technical team we plan to improve the service levels of all the Ideacom Midwest customers and we welcome CT Innovations customers as new and valued customers.

 CT Innovations customers do not have to learn new phone numbers to contact us. The same numbers CT Innovations customers have called in the past will ring directly into our service dispatch department. If a CT Innovations customers system is covered by warranty or service agreement Ideacom Midwest will honor the agreement. You will find our rates and billing procedures to be very similar. If you are accustomed to placing your service calls by Web or email you may continue to do so. Ideacom Midwest is located at 1283 Research Blvd. in Creve Coeur 63132. We welcome you for a personal visit at any time.