Debunking VoIP Myths for Small Businesses

ShoreTel ViOP mythsBig traditional phone companies don’t want businesses to switch to VoIP phone services, so they don’t tell businesses the realities of switching to Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. The reality is businesses can save money in both the short-term, and the long-term, simply by choosing to switch to VoIP technologies. In addition, the business is able to quickly take advantage of new technologies as technology rapidly changes.

Let’s explore some of these common myths.

  • More costly than traditional phone services. The reality is a business can see cost savings almost immediately as all local and long distance calls are included on an “unlimited” basis. In addition, VoIP international call prices are more competitive than cell or land line calls.
  • Poor call quality. VoIP technology prioritizes voice traffic over data to ensure the highest call quality. VoIP voice quality is affected by broadband width, so many VoIP services offer business-class, voice-optimized broadband. Routinely VoIP call quality matches or exceeds land line call quality, and consistently exceeds cell phone services.
  • New technology is challenging. Compared to traditional phone systems, VoIP is easier to use and offers features that traditional services don’t which will give your business an edge over your competition. VoIP technology is the future of all business communications providing rich features, better quality and is more cost effective for companies of any size.

The truth is VoIP technology levels the competitive playing field providing features that enable better customer service, lower costs and more flexibility as your business grows. You are able to choose advanced features that fit your business needs:

  • Ability to use cell phones or soft phones (via computer) from anywhere
  • Auto attendant, call routing and multiple extensions
  • “Hunting” – dials user numbers until a call is answered
  • Mobile call and message management
  • Voice mail with email and text messaging

Not only will your business save money by switching over to VoIP, you will increase productivity as well.

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