A Hosted VOIP Phone System Is The Answer

voip-systemAs today’s technology blurs the line between voice and data, there’s an opportunity for companies to install their own voice over IP business telephone systems. You might still be tempted to avoid upgrading though, because the task can seem daunting. With Ideacom’s complete line of business telephone systems, installation doesn’t have to be a headache.

Ideacom Midwest provides a complete line of options that fit both large and small companies, whether you have just a few phones or thousands. Even if you aren’t yet ready for a ShoreTel solution, you can still learn how to install a small business telephone system yourself. In fact, you may already have most of the installation process complete.

Because of the complex nature of most phone systems—the wide variety of features, programming, and the logistics of connecting the system with outside lines—the installation of most systems require a trained and certified technician. All these parts stem from the control box—the main unit—that is the heart of the system.

Ideacom’s solution is a hosted office phone system solution in which the main unit—the piece that needs an experienced technician—isn’t installed at your location. Instead, it’s housed off-site. This solution not only removes the major headache of installation; it also provides a setup superior to your typical small phone system. This enterprise-level switch is big enough to run a multinational organization with any feature you can imagine.

The hosted switch is segmented so even a smaller business like yours can use only the resources you need, completely independent of the other users, while simultaneously having access to features usually reserved only for large companies.

Since this system is cloud-based, your part of the installation is actually pretty simple. If you have a Local Area Network, or a LAN, for your office computers, you already have a data network that connects your computers to each other, and as a group, to the Internet. That means you’ve already completed the labor intense part of your installation.

The IP business telephones plug in line with your computers, automatically syncing with the network, Internet, and off-premise switch. Your dial tone will also be delivered over the Internet—almost like magic—and that’s it! Your new, very sophisticated voice over IP business telephone system is installed and working. What could be easier?


If you want to learn more, give us a call at 314-961-0557.  We can talk with you about doing your own installation or about Ideacom Midwest installing one of our great systems manufactured by ShoreTel.

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