The Best Business Phone System for Your Business

With so many business phone systems and features available, it is very easy to become overwhelmed when trying to choose the best phone system for your business. How do you find the right business phone system for your business? There are many things to consider when evaluating and implementing a new business phone system. Here […]

How to Avoid a Voice Mail System Crash

In the fast pace world of smartphones and social media, customers expect a quick response to their questions.  People stay connected nearly 24/7, so no telling when you may receive a call from current customer or prospect.  If your business is shut down for the day or weekend, it is critical that your voice mail […]

Give Your Business the Edge with Unified Communications

Today’s business environment is highly competitive. Customers, more than ever, expect a company to be highly responsive to their needs. They are now the ones that dictate and the company that responds the quickest is the one that gets their business. Unified communications can give your business the edge with lower costs, increased employee efficiency […]

Replacing Your Old Phone System

How old is your business phone system? If the answer is over ten years or you aren’t sure, you are likely using a system that has not been manufactured for many years. Communicating with your customers or prospects is key to your business success. You don’t want to wait until your phone system breaks down […]

Integrating Your Unified Communications with Your CRM

Wouldn’t it be great to know when your phone rang whether the customer is a first time caller, how much they’ve purchased, whether their bill is overdue, or whether they need to reinstate a service contract? Integrating your unified communications system with your client relationship management system (CRM) allows businesses to make and receive calls […]

Finding The Right Cabling Provider

With changes in computer technology, you may find that your data cabling or business phone system wiring will no longer support the network you need. The new Voice over IP technology allows you to run voice or telephone traffic on the same wiring as your data traffic. This technology requires some pretty sophisticated cabling or […]

Choosing the Right Phone System for Multiple Locations

What does a big multi-national company and a small business with multiple small locations have in common? One very key need. Ease of administration. Older business telephone systems that have to be administered site by site may require local expertise and a local presence to make even small changes. Bigger organizations means more changes will […]

Choosing The Best Telephone System For Your Small Business

Communicating with your customers and potential customers is critical for your business success. How can you choose the best business telephone system for your business and make sure that the system can scale as your business grows. This is a very important financial and operational decision that requires planning and analysis to ensure you choose […]

How to Make BYOD Work for Your Company

Protecting Your Company Data with Mobility Technology Mobile technology is playing an ever important role in our personal and professional lives. Currently, there are more devices than humans on this planet. Companies are being pressured to let employees bring their devices to work and being able to use their own devices for business related tasks, […]

Move your Business Telephone System

Use a qualified business telephone provider to move your phone system When you move or relocate your phone system you will need a qualified company to do the installation.  Almost every company involved in installing new business telephone systems has the capability of moving your telephone system. Some companies will agree to move any business telephone […]