Business Phone Systems for the Automotive Industry

Auto dealers, used car dealerships and other members of the automotive industry have many common needs that should be provided by a business telephone system.  The automotive industry is highly competitive.  Almost everybody is an automobile consumer whether it is for a new car, a used car, auto repair, automobile service or auto parts. Give […]

Wave IP’s Intelligent Call Routing Can Improve Customer Service

The Vertical Wave IP business telephone system is loaded with features and applications to aid companies with increasing productivity and efficiency for their businesses.  An optional feature Vertical Communications built for the Wave is Call Classifier.  By controlling incoming phone traffic, Call Classifier can help businesses gain a competitive advantage. With Call Classifier, the Vertical Wave can […]

Shoretel Business Telephone System wins award for Best Unified Communications Value

A thourough Total Cost of Ownership analysis can help organizations choose and deploy the most cost effective Unified Communications Solution.  For an unprecedented 8th year in a row, ShoreTel has won the coveted Pilot House Award for best Unified Communications “VALUE” which sonsiders technology, customer service, and total cost of ownership. Shoretel provides a Total Cost […]

Viewpoint Mobile

Vertical Communications has recently released thier mobile client for both iPhone (IOS) and Android devices.  These applications allow users full control of their call flow as if they were in the office.  The product is integrated into the Wave IP system with all aspects of it’s Unified Communications funtionality. Feature include: inbound/outboud dialing, intercom calling, […]

Welcome to the Ideacom Midwest Business Telephone System Blog

Our goal is to use this forum to inform our customers on the latest technologies related to their business telephone systems.  Technologies are changing rapidly in our industry.  This is just another way we plan to keep our cusotmers informed on what is new. Thank you for your support Bill McCormick III