IP Trunking

Ideacom partners with Mocadi Networks for our SIP/IP Trunking needs. The benefits to our customers are countless. If you would like additional information on how IP trunking can transform your business, call us at (314) 961-0557.

What is a business SIP Trunk?

Simply put, a SIP Trunk is a single voice call, routed over your Internet connection. Mocadi uses your Internet connection to bring your business the voice services of tomorrow. Trunks are purchased according to the number of anticipated simultaneous calls in an enterprise. If you find you need more call capacity, you can simply add trunks as needed. Mocadi Trunking is your conduit to a converged IP world.

The primary benefit:

SIP Trunking can cut phone line costs by 50% with no capital investment. Your long distance calling are typically less as well. The dramatic cost savings and increased voice quality of all IP transport is making SIP trunks increasingly popular.

Other Benefits:

  • Disaster Recovery is simple. Your telephone numbers can easily be redirected to another unaffected location in the event of a disaster at your location.
  • An Automatic back up system can be built into your SIP trunks by programming a feature called destination undeliverable. If a call cannot be delivered to your location for any reason it will be automatically redirected to a predetermined telephone number of your choice.
  • Works with any PBX
  • Bandwidth Agnostic (Use your existing broadband)
  • Free local and office to office calling
  • Full E911 capability
  • G.711 and G.729a CODECs
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Number portability (keep your number)
  • Geographic Redundancy in our network
  • Managed QOS solution to provide superior voice quality
  • Supports high-call capacity without voice degradation