Business Phone Solutions for Law Firms, Big and Small

law-firm-bpsWhile all law firms have unique needs based on their individual sizes, client needs, business practices, and specialties, they all have one critical thing in common: they rely heavily on their business phone system.

Day-to-day needs and practices demand different features for each firm, but at the end of the day, the phone system has to work. Because this is such a crucial tool, firms should put careful thought into deciding which business phone is the best for their long-term operations and what features will enhance their clients’ experience.

One of the most important features of any law firm’s system is the function that assists with billable time. Most lawyers appreciate the ability to accurately invoice their clients for time spent giving advice and gathering information over the phone. During especially busy days, it can be easy to forget to log that time manually.

This feature can be programmed to automatically log your time per call. This can be as simple as a chronological list with start and stop times, or it can be as comprehensive as list of client account numbers with the date, time, and duration.

For some law firms and lawyers, the ability to select specific calls to be recorded is also vital. With this feature, selective calls can be recorded, recalled, and referred to at a later time for clarification or reference. In other firms, every minute of every call should be recorded and archived. Recording features can function well either way.

Another need in many law firms is teleconferencing. One law firm’s needs may be as simple as an infrequent three-party conference call while another firm may need the ability to regularly use the conference bridge—a function similar to a dial-in meeting room than can accommodate as many parties as needed. Video conferencing as well as the ability to white board or collaborate during the conference are also available options.

These features are only a handful of a variety of special features law firms—both large and small—can expect from their business phone system. When it’s time for your firm to identify and implement a new system, evaluating these features in response to your unique needs can be an excellent place to start.

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