Using Mobility Technology to Enhance BYOD Practices

ideacom-byodIt’s no secret that our smartphone- and tablet-focused culture has now infiltrated the workplace. More and more often businesses, both large and small, are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices as a way to keep up with the technology while simultaneously cutting back expenses. Typically, this functions as employees using their own personal mobile devices for both business and private purposes interchangeably. The drawback with this kind of practice—and it’s a big one—is that if the employee leaves the company for any reason, important data stored on his or her device also leaves the company.

The solution to this problem is mobility technology.

Your company’s proprietary information belongs with you, and mobility technology helps keep it there. Mobility gives employees the ability to use their preferred mobile devices to comfortably perform a variety of business-related tasks without you—the employer—risking the loss of contacts, customer call records, and important recorded messages should that employee leave the company. Because of this, using mobility technology is actually more effective at increasing sales and lowering costs than BYOD practices alone.

Mobility advances accountability.

Mobility technology is not only useful in instances of departing employees; it’s also crucial in keeping current employees accountable. If your staff use their personal devices for business and personal purposes concurrently, there’s no easy way to track customer outreach, analyze responses, record and document conversations, or integrate data with established corporate tools and metrics.

Use mobility technology to manage all communications.

Mobility features are already being used to help businesses manage and control all communications, including those initiated or received on personal smartphones and tablets. Some of these features include call recording, forwarding, messaging, presence and back-office integration. Using these tools, mobility addresses the drawbacks of the BYOD culture by recording and managing incoming and outgoing communications effectively ensuring that you ultimately maintain control of your data and communications.

Mobility technology also benefits employees.

Mobility technology creates a convenient and usable mobile environment both for your and your employees. Your staff not only gets to use their personalized devices without having to worry about a second “work-phone” or an extra tablet, they also get the convenience of having all their contacts, files, and appointments in one place. You get the accountability you want from your employees while also having the peace of mind that nothing is going to be lost in the shuffle, even if the employee leaves the company.

Want to learn more?

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