The Coral IPx Office is a complete, pure IP office communications solution elegantly packaged in a slim box. As a compact unified communications server it boasts the same enterprise-sized features of larger Coral systems, such as integrated unified messaging, mobility functions, and sophisticated call-handling capabilities. A convenient all-in-one server for voice and data traffic, Coral IPx Office is a highly scalable solution suitable for businesses of all sizes - from new enterprises seeking an IP solution that will grow as the company grows, to large organizations with multiple sites that require a standardized voice and data solution at each site. The Coral IPx Office offers a range of IP functionalities, a comprehensive list of user features and a large selection of gateways to legacy systems. In addition, details such as a data switch, optional internal router, print server and wireless access point ensure complete adaptability to your specific needs. And for complete ease of use, the Coral IPx Office is administered through the network via a friendly desktop GUI, enabling easy and intuitive management.

Tadiran Coral Ucx

The UCx (Unified Communications eXchange) is Tadiran's pure IP communications solution for the SMB market. UCx offers highly reliable, state-of-the-art IP switching capabilities that integrate with your data network to meet all your business needs. It is a powerful yet affordable off-the-shelf, compact (1U) standalone system. In a class of its own, the UCx offers large system capabilities for small and medium businesses. It features Unified Communications, including MS-Lync and MS-Exchange integration and an optional UC client; Unified Messaging and built-in voicemail, with integrated voice, email/fax, and an extensive Auto Attendant; multi-conference facilities with up to 8 participants; cost-effective ACD call center functionality for intelligent incoming call routing; mobility capabilities, as well as virtually all Coral features via a variety of Tadiran and 3rd party terminals.

With employees and partners all over the map, you need state-of-the-art networks that provide robust, reliable communications. Your company's growth and survival depend upon improving collaboration between remote locations, while reducing communications expenses overall.

• The "Emerald ICE" for Small Businesses
• Communications Systems
• FlexSets
• Messaging
• Networking / Voice Over IP
• Call Center (ACD)
• CT Solutions
• Coral IPx Office
The "Emerald ICE" for Small Businesses

Powerful, scalable technology at an extremely 
fordable price

The Emerald Integrated Communications Exchange (ICE) is a fully integrated digital phone system loaded with sophisticated features. The Emerald ICE paves the way for your future by combining functionality and value, allowing you to add new capabilities and capacity as your business needs grow.

Tailor the System to Custom Fit your Business

The digital Emerald ICE key system enables you to handle 6 CO Lines, 10 Digital Stations, and 2 Analog Ports, with the ability to expand to 24 CO Lines, 46 Digital Extensions, and 18 Analog Ports. With hundreds of standard and advanced features, it is ideally equipped to help your company process and manage your telecommunications requirements professionally and affordably.

The Emerald ICE? comprehensive feature set includes:

Integrated voicemail. Eliminate worries about losing calls or missing opportunities with Tadiran? Emerald ICE advanced 8-port voicemail featuring auto attendant, dial by name directory, and flexible message handling. You get all this and a whole lot more without sacrificing any digital or analog extension ports!

Audio Help User Guide. Increase productivity by quickly locating the specific features you are seeking at the simple touch of the help button on the telephone. The Audio Help User Guide guides you through the many features of the Emerald ICE with intuitive audio voice prompts, eliminating valuable time spent searching through manuals.

Caller ID. See who is calling every time with caller ID information displayed on telephone sets.
swering Machine Emulation. Listen to a caller leaving a voice message with the ability to retrieve the call while the message is being left.

Call Recording Capabilities. With the optional voicemail system, all calls can be recorded and stored in your personal voice mailbox.


Communications Systems

Our Coral IP-enabled servers allow you to add functionality and capacity as your business needs change and grow - helping to minimize your total infrastructure cost over time.

Coral IPx allows you to take advantage of IP telephony without sacrificing the functionality you need, such as ACD and call center applications, integrated voicemail and wireless capabilities.

The forward and backward-compatible Coral IPx packs all the power and flexibility of the Coral® system into modular units that can be rack, floor or wall mounted.

Each model can be used as a traditional switch, a VoIP telephony server or both - adapting easily as your company's needs change. Scalable from a few wired endpoints to more than 4000, the Coral IPx migrates telephones, trunk and station cards, voice messaging, database and common control elements from the smallest to the largest system.

• Coral IPx 500 (Small to Mid-size Systems)
• Coral IPx 800 (Mid-size Systems)
• Coral IPx 3000 (Mid to Large Systems)
• Coral IPx 4000 (Large Systems) System Highlights
Provides all the features, capabilities, interfaces and terminals of the Coral communication server 
Provides built in voice/data convergence 
Optimizes space utilization through extensive configuration flexibility 
Fits 19" and 23"-racks, including racks designed to earthquake area requirements (wall mount - IPx 500) 
Provides AC and DC input power supply in every shelf 
Enables connection to E1, T1, PRI, LAN through back-facing RJ45 connectors (future) 
Enables installation in existing standard racks (excluding IPx 4000) 
Allows expansion shelf to be located at remote site (IPx 4000)

Digital telephones to complement your Coral system.

Available in several models with a wide range of features and options, FlexSets are true information terminals offering versatility and flexibility. From 6 to as many as 148 user-defined buttons give g customers. The more accessible your emusers virtually unlimited power to define individual preferences. The optional liquid crystal display presents caller and calling-party information, and when using a FlexSet with soft-keys, the display changes to show applicable feature options for one-touch activation. The hot-dial keypad and handsfree speaker permit fast on-hook dialing, and the highly visible message waiting indicator announces new messages.

• Coral FlexSet 120
• Coral FlexSet 120D
• Coral FlexSet 120L
• Coral FlexSet 120S
• Coral FlexSet 280
• Coral FlexSet 280D
• Coral FlexSet 280S
• Coral FlexSet 40B Module
Additional Information

Standard Features

• • Multi-line 
Full speakerphone 
System-wide feature buttons 
User-defined buttons 
Hot-dial keypad 
Message waiting light 
Headset compatible 
Adjustable ringing volume, cadences & tones 
Choice of pearl white or charcoal grey matte finishes
Choice of custom faceplates 
Desk or wall mountable 
Hearing aid compatible/ volume control (HAC/VC) 
ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant 
Range Limit = 3,500 feet from cabinet 
Handset/headset disconnect feature (HDF) (FlexSet 120S and 280S only) 
ptional Features

• • LCD 2-line display with 24 or 40 characters/line 
40-button programmable expansion module (40B) 
TAPI application module (APA) 
Range extender to 6,250 feet from cabinet 
LCD 3-line display with 24 or 40 characters/line 
Multi-language capability 
8 to 148 user-defined buttons 
Soft-keys with navigation buttons

Complete Control of Calls and Messages

Efficient communication is critical to winning and retaininployees are to customers, the greater your company's chance for success. Missed messages or delayed message returns can lead to delayed service – maybe even lost customers.

Tadiran Telecom's feature-rich messaging systems are affordable, dependable complements to your Coral® system. With the power and flexibility of unified messaging, users can send, receive and view inbound and outbound calls and messages from any networked PC.

Users enjoy advanced features such as flexible forwarding, silent record, paging, control call forwarding, do not disturb, and central voice mail for networks. Best of all, no additional hardware is required to implement voice mail and automated attendant – everything is internal to your Coral system.

• Coral Message Center
• Flexicom World Wide Office
• TeLANophy Feature Package
• iVMF
• uCMC
Networking / Voice Over IP

Converged Networks Deliver Company-Wide Benefits

Today's communication challenge is to integrate data networks with voice network features, providing users with capabilities that enhance communications throughout the enterprise. Tadiran meets this challenge with the Coral family of Voice over IP (VoIP) products.

Coral VoIP solutions allow companies to take advantage of the bottom-line benefits of converged networks - lower communications costs, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction - and do it at their own pace. Whether you have offices in one location or a hundred, Coral VoIP solutions allow you to build on existing network investments so you can evolve to a converged network cost effectively over time.

• Coral FlexAttendant
• Coral FlexSet IP
• Coral FlexSet-IP Phones
• Coral FlexiCom IPSet
• Coral FlexiGate
• Coral Internet Protocol Gateway (IPG)
• Coral QNet
• Coral Universal Gateway (UGW)
• FlexIP Softphone
• Networking Solutions
• Remote Office/SOHO Solutions
Call Center (ACD)

Call Center Solutions - Your Lifeline to Your Customers

When it comes to winning and keeping customers, you need to be one step ahead of the competition. Because your call center is the heart of your business, quick response, instant access to customer information and consistent service are critical.

Tadiran's call center solution helps you deliver superior customer service while improving efficiency and containing costs. Our streamlined communications platform delivers sophisticated ACD capabilities designed to meet all your centralized or networked call center needs.

• Coral FlexCT Call Master
• Composite
• Coral FlexAttendant
• CoralCenter JET
• CoralView
• CoralView Administrator
• CoralView Sentry
• CoralView Traffic
CT Solutions

Coral FlexCT Applications Suite - The power of CTI in flexible solutions.

Coral FlexCT is a comprehensive suite of powerful management and routing tools for controlling and monitoring all call activities in a customer service environment. Coral FlexCT applications are extremely flexible, user-friendly, and cost effective, enabling you to provide advanced assistance tools and to implement customized call handling and routing that make the most of all your customer service resources, wherever they may be.

The Coral FlexCT suite of solutions consists of:

• Coral FlexCT Contact Launcher
• Coral FlexCT IVR
• Coral FlexCT Path Finder
• Coral FlexCT Telephony Toolbar
• Coral FlexCT Virtual Information Center
Product Highlights

• Supports and integrates with leading CRM and PIM applications 
Supports all common CTI standards 
Features open architecture, for easy customization and implementation 
Features a modular, building block structure that allows you to customize a solution to meet your unique business requirements and to enhance its capabilities and functionality when demand arises. 
Is fully compatible with our proven Coral FlexiCom PBX platforms.

Coral IPx Office

2005 Product of the year

The Coral IPx Office is designed to provide voice and data communications in a single box. No more finger pointing. You’ll have a single point of contact for support. You’ll have peace of mind that your system components are designed to connect your people and to keep your data flowing. Place one at each location for a network of Coral IPx systems providing seamless continuity in a multi-site organization. But make no mistake; this compact server has the same features as the enterprise-sized Coral IPx that large organizations enjoy.

All the call processing power of a PBX but designed for VoIP. The Coral IPx Office
n accommodate SIP trunks, SIP phones, soft phones, Wi-Fi wireless devices or
diran's FlexIP full-feature telephones. Just as easily it can accommodate traditional interfaces like PRI, T1 and analog.

The compact Coral IPx Office allows you to take advantage of IP telephony without sacrificing the hundreds of leading-edge features you need, such as ACD, contact center capabilities, integrated unified messaging and it even includes your own conference-bridge facilities.

Take the guesswork out of choosing voice components and data
mponents that work well together. The Coral IPx Office is
signed to provide both voice and data all
y, everyday.

Business Benefits

• Integrated compact package provides both voice
d data capabilities. This simplifies the buying
ocess and provides a single point of contact for
• VoIP provides the ability for the business owner to
ve a phone at home, or for remote employees to
ve the same phone features as those in the
• VoIP provides low-cost connectivity between locations
 multi-site organizations.
• The powerful Coral IPx features are common on
ral IPx Office and larger Coral IPx systems.
• Standards-based design allows users to choose
ird-party devices such as video phones, SIP
ones, and soft clients.
• Expandable with IP and other telephony interfaces.
ding another IP phone requires no new dedicated
rdware ports.*
• Flexible hardware design allows you to make decision
ter rather than sooner. The Coral IPx has a
riety of cards available to support all the common
alog and digital trunks and extensions.


The Coral IPx Office is easily configurable to meet
e needs of a small office or a corporate location.
teway expansion cards are designed for “hot
sertion” so as not to interrupt service.

• Compact 19” rack-mount, 2U chassis
System supports 150 VoIP end-points
Support for two PRI or T1 circuits
Supports up to 12 Analog trunks
Supports up to 48 digital FlexSet telephones
Up to 8 analog stations (fax etc.)
4-24 channels of voice mail/ UM
8 port data switch
Optional router (NAT, DHCP and Firewall)
Optional WiFi - 802.11g


• Small or Medium size business with a single location
d 150 or less users, using primarily VoIP devices.
Multiple sites that prefer to have a standardized voice
d data solution at each site providing commonality of
e and administration.
Cost-effective branch office location of a larger organization
at needs features and networking and a few
cal telephone lines.
Diverse organization who needs a flexible solution and
growth path for expansion.
Small office using digital telephones with growth plans
ilizing VoIP.

* License fees may apply.