Unified Communications: What the Buzz is All About

unified-communicationsYou’ve probably heard the business buzzwords, unified communications, before, but do you know what it is? Could you explain it? Could you use it? Simply put, unified communications is just that: employing combined communication tools to better meet the needs of your clients and customers.

Reaching and relating to ever-moving, on-the-go clients can be a real challenge, but by using unified communications, you can maximize your reach. Things like presence management, visual voicemail, instant messaging and call recording are just a few examples of tools that take your effort and expand their effect.

A lot of small to midsized businesses think they’ll need big resources or a big IT budget to use these features, but they don’t. Vertical Communications provides a simple solution to your complex communication needs without charging you for every bell and whistle. With Ideacom’s Vertical Wave, everything your company requires is housed in one place so you can access and deploy the applications you want, as you want them, keeping the control and timing in your hands.

With this model, businesses of any size can use all the latest unified communications features such as the ability to track and report call volumes and leads from marketing campaigns. This allows small to midsized businesses to operate their companies more efficiently while simultaneously responding to their customers faster to build lasting relationships.

To find out more about unified communications, contact Ideacom Midwest at 314-961-0557.

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