Vertical Wave IP


The Vertical Wave IP unified communications system

Powerful cost effective functionality is built into the product. Most unified communication systems license all aspect of the system where Vertical has built all the functionality into the user licenses. This allows all users to take advantage of the powerful feature set the Wave IP delivers. Items built into the Wave IP include instant messaging, unified messaging, desktop call control with their award winning Viewpoint client, custom call routes, unified messaging, system call recording, plus much more. The best part is that these features are built into the base system. With everything built in Wave IP is one of the most affordable Unified Communications systems on the market. The Wave IP can also be cost effective for both small businesses as well as enterprise customers.

Administrators will appreciate the programming interface for the product which is web based. Call reporting is also built into the base Wave IP system.

Mobility is an important part of business telephone systems today. Most systems offer some type of mobile interface to their system and for most systems, mobility can add a significant cost to the system. This is not the case with Wave IP. Vertical Communications has released Wave 3.0, which offers true mobility to iPhone and Android users. It provides users with the same call control they already experience with the desktop interface on their mobile device.

The product is called Viewpoint Mobile. The best part is that users can download it for free from the iTunes store or Android Play Market. Like so many of the other great features, Vertical has built Viewpoint Mobile into the user license so all users can take advantage of it’s powerful features.

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